Fanny Ovesen

Based in Oslo

Fanny Ovesen made her first feature length film when she was 13 – an epic fantasy with her brother in the lead and herself in all supporting roles. Nowadays, most of her films take place within the drama genre. She always strives to contrast depth and darkness with humor and irony. She creates film that can be felt on the skin, preferably spiced with elevated moments and subjective esthetics. She strives for authenticity and is drawn to the raw and unpolished, and has a deeply empathic approach towards building complex characters. Thematically she often deals with societal and existential questions where there are no simple answers.

Fanny graduated from the Norwegian Film School with the short film SHE-PACK, which premiered internationally at the Berlinale 2019, and has won several awards since – among them the Amanda award for best Norwegian short. She has directed several tv-series, and for her feature film debut LAURA (financing phase) she won the Nordic Talents pitch prize, the Swedish Film Institute’s pilot support Wild Card and the Anna prize – awarded because of the project’s relevance to the UN Convention on Women’s Rights.

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