Meet Linus Nordström

Interview with our director Linus Nordström.

What kind of films and series does Netflix suggest to you?

Stand-up Comedy, US Docuseries, Blockbuster Films.

Are these suggestion relate to your film taste?

All thes suggestions are compromises with family and friends. Otherwise there would be more South Korean thrillers and biopics.

How come you started working with film?

I had a close friend who worked with television. She set me up as a production assistant at a reality show. So I quit my office job and started working in television before going over to film and commercials.

Tell us about the first film you made.

I was 12. Me and my buddies filmed a hostage situation in our neighborhood. We had soft air guns and shoot each other. We thought it was incredibly good. Haven't seen it since.

Tell us about a situation on set when everything went to hell.

I worked as a location assistant when a camera and lens was stolen at wrap. Two guys jumped the camera crew, grabbed the camera and ran away. I catch up with then and get a hold of the camera. They beat me to the ground and jump into a car. They got away.

Which film that someone else made would you have wished to make instead?

Apocalypse Now. That sounded like a fun shoot.

Which book would you like to make an adaptation of?

Sauces by Tommy Myllymäki.

Which other film creator would you like to meed and what would you ask or talk with him/her about?

Joe & Anthony Russo. Community och Arrested Development.

What should a good commercial be like?


Which medium do you prefer to create commercials for (tv, YouTube, instagram, Facebook, tiktok) and why?

TV. The more crazy and weird a commercial is the funnier it is to see on television. The audience get a bigger kick out of seeing something out of the ordinary in such a traditional commercial output compared to the internet.

Which is your favorite part of a film production (pre production, script, casting, shoot, editing, grade etc)?

The shoot. To be on set is the best there is. The rest of the work is just necessary for the possibility to be on set. Next most fun is the script writing.

Do you prefer to work in small or large film teams?

Large. The more resources and control we have over what's in the shot, the better.

What genre works the best for commercials according to you; comedy, drama, horror, fantasy, or thriller?

Comedy. Brand with the courage to have some self distance and humor are always stronger in my book.

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