Fanny Ovesen's debut feature "LAURA" (working title) has been greenlit at the Film i Väst press conference in Cannes.

This remarkable project will be a collaborative effort spanning across seven countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and France. Such international cooperation promises to bring diverse perspectives and rich cultural influences to the big screen.

"LAURA" boasts an exceptional cast, including the talented Embla Ingeman-Sundberg, Aviva Wrede, Oscar Lesage, and Odin Romanus. Their remarkable performances are bound to captivate audiences worldwide.

The team is gearing up to commence filming in various locations throughout Europe this summer. It's truly an exciting time for Fanny and her crew, as they embark on this creative journey and bring their vision to life.

Shooting is scheduled to start in Europe this summer. Congrats, Fanny! 🌟

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