Comedy series for SVT

"Marina Abramović meets Galenskaparna"

We are delighted to announce that Fanny & Alexander is venturing into the world of TV production with our first comedy series for SVT, "In the Head of Henrik Nyblom," premiering this autumn on SVT and SVT Play.

Since 2018, we have had the privilege of collaborating with fantastic brands like Arla, Spotify, Disney+, Google Chrome, Svenska Spel, and SAAB. Now, we are elevating our creative vision with this exciting new venture.

A special thanks to our talented director Linus Nordström and the brilliantly quirky comedian Henrik Nyblom for bringing this unique project to life. Linus, known for his work with Pantamera Humor and the stand-up club Riva, has always infused humor into his advertising projects for brands like Bolist, Pågen, and Svenska Spel. Now, he brings that same energy and creativity to TV.

Henrik describes the series as "Marina Abramović meets Galenskaparna," promising a show that’s as unique and unpredictable as its creators.

With part of our background in drama, it has always been part of our long-term plan to combine it with our advertising expertise. "In the Head of Henrik Nyblom" marks the beginning of a series of upcoming projects across various genres. Given the series' wild ideas sometimes exceed the boundaries of the universe and our budget, we have used various AI tools, including Midjourney and Runway, to find innovative solutions. This is something we believe will benefit many of our future projects in both advertising and drama.

The show will premiere this autumn on SVT and SVT Play. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the premiere.

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