The Worlds Most Claustrophobic Cinema

Our project The Worlds Most Claustrophobic Cinema for Göteborg Film Festival received a lot of attention all over the world, the result was over 500 articles published and a reach of 1,2 billion. We created a promotional video to serve as the main asset of the PR and Social Media Strategy and to create awareness and buzz for the 2019 Göteborg Film Festival. Visitors could book a limited space inside a sarcophagus to get a unique screening experience. One day shoot on location outside Stockholm. The post production required multiple VFX shots. The campaign was a huge success and reached all parts of the world, and was designated as the most successful in Sweden 2019. Our work:

  • Script development
  • Storyboard development
  • Pre-production
  • Shoot
  • Full post production

Read more about the case and other voices about the campaign. Stendahls case: "The film industry is facing a major shift, streaming services such as Netflix and HBO are a major threat to cinemas. Therefore, it was important to create something that Netflix can’t – an experience. The interest shown for The World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema exceeded all expectations!" The Times: ”Watch the end of humanity from a coffin at Gothenburg Film Festival.” The Hollywood Reporter The Herald PerezHilton People SVT Nyheter Sveriges Radio Svenska Dagbladet Göteborgs-Posten Sydsvenskan Trendhunter Ad Week Feber Cnet Medium See our promo The Worlds Most Claustrophobic Cinema The women: Nanna Blondell Directed by: Alexander Gibbons Barth & Gustav Öhman Spjuth Production Company: Fanny & Alexander Productions Agency: Stendahls Client: Göteborg Film Festival

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