Göteborg Film Festival 2020 – 50/50 Vision

Launch film for Göteborg Film Festival 2020. Shot in studio in Stockholm, October 2019.

International launch film for the festival theme 2020. By creating an ironic Tv-shop commercial with the aim to sell 1D-glasses for “narrower sight”, we aimed to create awareness that the festival is the first in the world to have equal representation of male and female directors.

Directed by: Lisa Forslund
Produced by: Fanny & Alexander

Talent: Daniel Quai & Grace Fitzgerald

Director of Photography: David Grehn
Set Design: Kristina Karlström
MUA: Angelica Asplund
Styling: Patrizia Gutensparr
Styling assistant: Marina Almén
Boom Operator: Magnus Mikander
Camera Assistant: Rikard Karlsson
Lighting Technichians: Arnar Njáll Hlíðberg, Tobias Lindkvist

Editor: Robin Johansson
Graphics: Henrik Appel
Sound Design & Mix: Martin Mighetto
Music: Joseph Tholl

Rental house and studio: Light in a Room

Agency: Stendahls