Linus Nordström

Based in Stockholm

It wasn’t until Linus got his eyes on the critically acclaimed and state-of-the-art production of The Room, he fully understood that it would be impossible to create something as powerful as Tommy Wiseau’s epic love drama.

Nonetheless, he decided to quit his day-job in the music industry to pursue his newfound love for filmmaking. Starting out in the production field, Linus worked on several productions of TV-Dramas and commercials before changing seat to the Director’s chair.

Linus has written, directed and starred in dozens of commercials for Swedish Returpack amongst colourful and creative pieces for Colart, Björn Axén and Junior Brielle, to name a few.

He finds himself leaning towards comedy for most parts, but still keeps a keen eye to visually engaging stories.

Relevant videos for certain briefs can be shared upon request.

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