Julia is one of the few who can put a Palme d’Or nomination on her resume. With her films she wants to raise thoughts about power and structures through the absurd and humorous. The visually driven narrative characterizes her style and the poetic image narrative is always an important part of that.

With a background in dance, Julia is interested in the physical and use of the body as a narrative medium. The sport acts as an arena in a number of films to challenge and shape ideas about family and sexuality. Such as in her short film Push It, which premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival 2017, and was later selected to compete for the short films Palme d’Or at the Cannes festival.

The sport as a theme returns in the short film Brottas, which competed in the Berlinale Generation and Startsladden 2018, and was awarded Region Skåne’s short film prize at the BUFF film festival, as well as Best short film at Uppsala International short film festival.

At the film festival in Gothenburg 2019, her film Sorry not Sorry won the short film competition Startsladen’s audience selection award. The film, which is about an odd summer night on a boat in Lake Mälaren, was also nominated in Clermont-Ferrand and was awarded first prize on the Nordic panorama.

The new film, Lilla Olle, premiered at the inauguration of Stockholm’s international film festival in November 2019.

Vad kind of movies and TV-series does Netflix suggest to you? 

Everything with swords in it. Sometimes they try to mix things up with something more contemporary, but it usually never sticks for too long.

How come you started working in the film industry? 

I have always wanted to work with something creative. I started out trying to become a rockstar but realised after a while that it was a bit harder than I anticipated.

Tell us about the first film you made. 

Can’t remember the first one but me and my friends made a lot of films together when we were younger. Stop-motion, pretend commercial films and all genres you can think of. A common thread in the films where that they usually started off pretty organised and well written but ended up in nonsense because people had to get home to get home in time for dinner.

Tell us about a situation on set where everything went to hell. Or when you thought it would. 

I worked as an assistant on a shoot where the main actor had s scene where she was going to act drunk. She took a few glasses to get in the right mood, but things unraveled and the shoot was canceled when she passed out.

What film that someone else made do you wish you had made yourself?

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011). That movie is spot on in terms of what I like, both artistically and thematically. Remember that I got a little bit angry when I saw it for the first time. 

What book would you like to make a film or series on? And why?

The Lord of the Rings. I usually feel alone to think that Peter Jacksons adaptations are pretty bad. I had read the books a hundred times before I saw the movies and thought he missed the goal by far.

What filmmaker would you like to meet and what would you ask him or her? 

Nikita Mikhalkov. I would like to ask him how you can be such a brilliant filmmaker who creates such moving and humoristic films and at the same time be best friends with Vladimir Putin.

What do you think makes a good commercial film?

Above all that it’s funny. It should have a value for the person watching so that you want to see it even if you dont have to. It should also make you remember the brand, otherwise there’s no point being a commercial.

At the end of 2019, we made our first two films for fashion brand Berluti. A relationship that has reached its 5th production so far.

For Christmas, we worked with music at the shoot to combine it with the movements and sound of the artisan’s work. In post-production, we completed this process by going back and forward between editing and music composition to find harmony. 6 videos and 10 Key Visuals delivered in multiple formats.

In addition, we have created a series of videos for Berlutis several product launches. This has resulted in 36 assets and counting.

  • Pre-production
  • Shoot in studio, Stockholm
  • Full post production including Music & VFX Supervision

Link to videos: Berluti Christmas 2019Studs

International launch film for the festival theme 2020. By creating an ironic Tv-shop commercial with the aim to sell 1D-glasses for “narrower sight”, we aimed to create awareness that the festival is the first in the world to have equal representation of male and female directors.

  • Script development
  • Pre-production
  • Shoot in studio, Stockholm
  • Post production

Link to video: 50/50 Vision

Directed by Lisa Forslund.

In collaboration with Stendahls.

During 2019 we post produced two campaigns for Instagram. In the spring we made 36 videos in two language and two formats with a total of 144 deliverables for Instagram France & Germany. The shoot was made under our post supervision in Berlin by the agency and all the assets were put together by our team in Stockholm. The second campaign was 36 videos in two formats with a total of 72 deliverables for Instagram US & UK. Everything is made to fit both Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories.
  • 2D Modelling
  • Motion Graphics
  • Editing
  • Grade
  • Sound supervision
  • Post production supervision
Link to FR/GE videos: The Mop (FR)Snacks (FR)Throwback (GE) Link to US/UK videos: ArtShoe paperFood stuck
Shot over two days in Degerfors and Munka-Ljungby, two small municipalities in Sweden, with a small camera crew. The campaign consists of two films produced by F&A together with a campaign site created by the agency with additional content. Innis & Gunn wanted to compare their own position towards bigger beer brands in Sweden as David Bowie and The Obamas, both living in the shadow of their more famous namesakes.
  • Script development
  • Pre-production
  • Shoot on location, Degerfors and Munka-Ljungby
  • Full post production
Link to videos: David BowieThe Obamas Directed by Gustav Öhman Spjuth. In collaboration with Yours.
Estrella created a new brand message in 2017 – “Like to share”, a play with words as a reference to online behaviour and sharing moments in real life. We got the chance to evolve this message into three new videos. Three scripts for so-me and cinema were created with an additional three instagram stories shot by the actors themselves in collab with our Director.
  • Storyboard development
  • Pre-production
  • Shoot on location, Stockholm
  • Full post production
Link to videos: Gym Gaming Directed by Alexander Gibbons Barth. In collaboration with The Bond.
Parts of a series for Svenska Institutet called “Stories from Sweden”. The series shows different portraits of swedes and the diversity of their locations, professions, hobbies and lifestyles. Silver Award in Swedish Design prize 2019.
  • Script development
  • Directing
Link to videos: KlädoteketLive Free or Die Directed by Gustav Öhman Spjuth. In collaboration with Seventy Agency

We created a promotional video to serve as the main asset of the PR and Social Media Strategy and to create awareness and buzz for the 2019 Göteborg Film Festival. Visitors can book a limited space inside a sarcophagus to get a unique screening experience. One day shoot on location outside Stockholm. The post production required multiple VFX shots.

The campaign was a huge success and reached all parts of the world, and was designated as the most successful in Sweden 2019.

Our work:

  • Script development
  • Storyboard development
  • Pre-production
  • Shoot
  • Full post production

Link to video: World’s Most Claustrophobic Cinema

Directed by Gustav Öhman Spjuth and Alexander Gibbons Barth.

In collaboration with Stendahls